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by Glen Wallace


My Essays

Video Essay: Wealth redistribution through taxation is all that is needed to end the plutocratic tyranny; no need for guillotines 

How Government through regulations advocates for the little guy

The Freedom that Communism Brings -- an essay advocating for a libertarian form of communism

The Distributionist Manifesto

The Artisan Solution to Robots and Automation

The Serial Universe -- A counterpart to the parallel universe theory

Climate Change is just a theory  Or why the term 'denier' is habitually being misused and the whole topic has been politicized

Patents as an invention impediment

Socialize the Social Network and End the Facebook Monopoly

Is the Stand up to Cancer moonshot movement only standing up for Big Pharma profits?

Wealth Redistribution is Class Peacefare not Warfare

The Government Redistribution Fund as a step towards ending wealth disparity -- My idea of setting up a type of tradeable stock market fund funded by an asset tax on the wealthy

Open Letter to Governor Dayton urging support for Medical Marijuana 

Socioeconomic Decision Making Protocol  -- An outline of what steps to follow when formulating a socioeconomic plan

Medicare for All for American Greatness -- A letter to the editor of the local newspaper I wrote a little while back advocating for single payer health insurance 

Copper nickel sulfide mining not worth the risk to Northern Minnesota -- A letter I wrote to the US Forest Service urging withdrawal from availability for Copper Nickel sulfide mining

Austerity or Communism - We have to choose

List of the worst US problems 

Benefits and Risks of the Robot Revolution

State Ownership of Industry & the Robot Revolution                                                                        

Single Payer Healthcare as an incentive to bold entrepreneurship

News feature ignores root of problem of pet owners going to veterinarians to feed their own addiction

Republicans defend socialist programs while attacking socialism so what side are they on November 10 2018

Text Listing of all the feature length films to be found on the internet archive:

Archive Movies List

I put the above list on here as a quicker way to search for the feature film length movies available on the archive.  Of course one can also 

search directly for the movie on the archive from here , but if one is just trying to find out whether the movie is on the archive or not, it

just seems to much quicker, simpler and easier to search the text based list I provided.  

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