Aiding Ukraine Risks Nuclear Apocalypse 

By Glen Wallace

Don't be thinking the elite pushing us to the brink of WWIII will be there to aid us if we end up in a global thermonuclear war scenario. No, those very elite already have available either public or private underground bunkers to hunker down in potentially for years while the rest of us regular folk, if we survive, will be left to fend for ourselves in a beyond Mad Max post apocalyptic scenario of jungle law survival of the fittest. Fitzgerald didn't know the meaning of different when merely referring to those born into wealth. Today's elite make the elite of his day seam like ordinary blue collar Joes & Janes by comparison. Today's elites pushing for WWIII are a really different and strange lot to the point of being downright diabolical.

Keeping our heads in the sand and ignoring the danger of nuclear war while increasing the risk of it by increasing military aid massively to Ukraine to be used against Russia is akin to a guy who smokes 4 cigarettes a day decides to increase it to 4 packs a day because he doesn't like to think about the possibility of getting lung cancer; a completely irrational approach.

So, don't be assuming the powers that be running the show have us regular folks interest at heart. Those people are not like you and me, they're different. Our interests are in decreasing the chances of a nuclear holocaust. And the way to decrease those chances is not by antagonizing Russia by sending tens of billions in arms to its enemy with the intent to kill & destroy Russia; that act greatly increases the risk of a nuclear war instead of decreasing it. It is not only in our best interest but also in the interest of the Ukrainian people to reach detente with Russia. But it has become very clear that the only way peace will be achieved in the Russia Ukraine war is if the DC Swamp is somehow thwarted in their efforts to create a prolonged war. We need to do or phone or letter writing campaign to our representatives in Washington to pressure them to do a 180 degree change in direction with our approach to the Ukraine conflict.

Anyone who claims that a nuclear war will either never happen or wont be that bad is either lying or delusional. We saw with Hiroshima and Nagasaki that nuclear bombs are very real and very devastating. Compounding that is the fact that the bombs dropped in Japan were of the inherently much less powerful fission variety of nuclear bombs. Today's nuclear bombs are of the fusion variety and are much more powerful and devastating than what was witnessed at the close of WWII, as bad as those blasts were in themselves.

Ignorance is bliss only until mushroom clouds start appearing in your back yard. Not wanting to think about something happening is not going to reduce the risk of that something from happening any more than the smoker is going to reduce their risk of lung cancer by not thinking about that happening to them. The smoker needs to quit smoking altogether, not increase their habit to 4 packs a day, & the US needs to come to the negotiation table with Russia until peace is achieved, not poke & needle them until they pop their missile top.