Wealth Redistribution is Class Peacefare not Warfare

By Glen Wallace

Government assistance as it has been practiced in this country is clearly not a case of wealth redistribution as has been alleged.  If the goal was to distribute wealth then those in charge have been doing a rather crummy job given that the number of wealthy in this country has only decreased while the number of poor have increased.  Even as the prevalence of food stamps has greatly increased in this country, the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few has correspondingly only also increased.  So, if anything,the opposite of wealth distribution has been occurring, whereby wealth concentration has been going on for decades in the US regardless of the POTUS and his political party affiliation. 

And while the wealth has been concentrating in fewer and fewer hands, the remaining masses have been left with less and less of the available material wealth.  It's not so much a merely a case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer it's a case of everybody else besides the already rich getting a smaller piece of the pie.  What appears to be going on is that the government assistance is a case of the powers borrowing from the play book of the ancient Romans, and using food stamps and the like as the bread in the 'bread and circuses' plan to keep the masses somewhat content and less likely to rebel.  For the circuses analog, fortunately for the ruling elite there is more than ample entertainment distractions both passive and active ranging from video games to movies and TV to sports to keep the plebs distracted 24 hours a day.  It is rather clever of the rich elite to try to turn the tables and allege that government assistance is a form of wealth redistribution when in reality it is a method to prevent the masses from rising up and demanding a fair share from the wealthy in a true form of wealth redistribution.

A similar tactic is employed when allegations are made by some that demanding higher taxes on the wealthy is a form of class warfare.  I believe this 'warfare' baiting is being deliberately employed to both apply a unflattering label to the progressives and to try to get the progressives to think less of themselves engaging in activism since most progressives do not want to think of themselves as engaging in warfare of any kind.  But when looked at closely, the demands of the progressives or 99 percenters are nothing like warfare.  The requests instead, have been along the lines of demanding fairness by way of the peaceful changing of the civil laws.  There need not be any warfare.

All that is needed is to have laws enacted that allow for the transfer of funds from one account to another or the changing of names on titles from one name to another.  New taxes could be enacted that completely bypass the accounts of the IRS, but instead, revenue funds could go directly from, for instance, the cash accounts of large corporations to the accounts of a number of food shelves. In the process no blood was shed and no heads rolled as was the case with the French Revolution, which was a true case of class warfare -- I might add that I think that what the French Revolutionists did in their reign of terror was an immoral, inhumane, brutal act when they coldly gathered some members of the upper class and systematically ended their lives by means of the guillotine, all without even due process or assessment of character.  I'm supporting a true wealth redistribution by a peaceful, civil and legal means not just because it is the right thing to do but also to prevent a true class warfare situation as was seen with the French Revolution.

  I believe there is a certain amount of unavoidable scarcity on this planet and there is a point that is reached with any individual or organization where they necessarily end up taking out for themselves more than they ever can be credited with contributing to the material wealth of a society through the increased productivity they may have activated.  I believe there is certain principle I like to call 'Romper Room values', where when we were growing up we learned that while playing in a room, there is a limited number of toys to play with and we should learn to share those toys and not hog all of them for ourselves while all the other little boys and girls just sit there on the floor with nothing to play with while one brat sits there with a grin on his face with all the toys piled up behind him in one corner of the Romper Room. 

We don't need a revolt, just an awakening.  People need to realize that government assistance is not wealth redistribution but rather the old ancient Roman trick of using bread and circuses as succor to quell the rabble. The goal then of the ruling elite is just the opposite of what is being accused; government assistance is designed to prevent the people from demanding real wealth redistribution.  The Democrats just coyly sit there, allowing themselves to be accused of something that should be considered a compliment, albeit undeserved - spreading the wealth around, while in reality both parties are together in the plot to further consolidate wealth.  That is the one constant that has existed for many decades now -- regardless of what party is dominating, wealth consolidation has continued unabated. 

  I propose a civil, peaceful legal system of wealth redistribution whereby a system of taxation is instituted that completely bypasses the IRS and instead mandates direct bank transfers from the super rich to the working poor.  Both individual and institutional accounts would be subject to these transfers such that corporations with large cash balances would also see significant outflows to individuals and organizations such as food shelves that actually need the money.  There would be no class warfare because there would be no warfare.  Instead these measures would be taken civilly as the result of laws enacted by a populace demanding such laws.  Most of the actual redistribution would amount to nothing more than a few electrons moving around and changing the digits on hard drives and computer screens.  The rich whose digits become smaller on their balance sheets likely would never miss them to any practical degree, but oh, what a difference it would make to those that have been struggling and now see a higher balance on their accounts.   

I think my proposal would be rather inviting to most, but you will likely never hear of it from a mainstream politician from either party or even a so-called liberal mainstream political commentator on the radio or TV.  You wont hear about such an idea because they are all part of the effort to help consolidate the wealth until nearly everyone becomes an indentured urban serf slave to a few bourgeoisie elite