Ukraine Proxy War is a Reckless Risk 

An open letter to my US 2nd Congressional District rep Angie Craig 

by Glen Wallace

It does not serve the interests of the residents of the 2nd Congressional district by the US fighting a proxy war against Russia with the Ukraine as the proxy. Instead, funding and militarily assisting the Ukraine only serves to risk a world war three and subsequent nuclear conflagration, thereby risking every 2nd district member's very corporeal existence.

The Ukraine is not the 51st state in the union, nor is it even a territory of the US. So why are we risking everything for some far flung nation on the other side of the planet?

We are of a similar age, and I don't know about you, but back in the 80's, I learned about the extreme hazards of a global thermonuclear war and of mutually assured destruction. But it doesn't seem like the members of the Biden cabinet understand the concept of mutually assured destruction, or MAD; maybe they are too young to have learned about the dangers of nuclear war as the risks of it were significantly decreased following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. But now those risks are back with a vengeance, but without the respect we had back in the 80's of the extremely dire consequences of nuclear war; which only serves to increase the risk that such a war might actually happen as the younger people in the Biden cabinet and members of the media don't know what they are getting themselves into.

I ask that you recall your memories of the 80's when we learned of the nuclear war dangers, when even Hollywood was putting out movies, including 'The Day After', 'Threads' and 'Testament', portraying the nightmare scenario involving the aftermath of a global thermonuclear war. Please let other members of Congress and members of the White House team know that the principle of mutually assured destruction dictates that anything "catastrophic for Moscow" from a nuclear weapons standpoint, will be equally catastrophic for everyone in the United States as well.

Once a nuclear war starts, there is no turning back; there is no do over, no ability to cancel it, no room for Monday morning quarterbacking; just a miserable existence for the few survivors. Therefore, we should be doing everything in our power to reduce the risk of nuclear war.

But instead of decreasing that risk, there seems to be a bipartisan effort to increase the risk of nuclear war by antagonizing and insulting the Russian state, while providing massive military aid to its enemy. Please stop voting for any form of military support for the Ukrainian military but instead insist on a totally neutral stance towards the Ukraine war where the only intervention we engage in is earnest negotiations for a peaceful resolution; our very existence as human beings may be at stake here, depending for that existence on a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine war.