Are Republicans for or against Socialism?

They can't seem to make up their minds

by Glen Wallace 

November 10, 2018

Before Obamacare, the Republicans didn't lift a finger to protect patients with preexisting conditions.  Instead they did everything in their power to attempt to stop Obamacare from being enacted.  And once enacted, Republicans vowed to repeal Obamacare.  Now, Republicans are vowing to protect patients with preexisting conditions.  I think we can count on their promises that their plan wont take away preexisting condition protections with as much weight as we should have taken their promise that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction before Iraq War II. After all, what will they provide other than, at most, a nice shoulder shrug if it turns out they were wrong about their promise. 

With the current Obamacare we have in hand the protections for patients with preexisting conditions.  The best guarantees one will ever get in life to be able to get something back whether it be money or some legal protection is to never give up what you already have.  The best money back guarantee is to not buy the product in the first place.  And the best guarantee of protecting preexisting conditions, outside of a single payer plan like Medicare for All, is to not give up Obamacare in its current state in the first place for some Republican private insurance plan. 

In addition to preexisting conditions, now Republicans are vowing to protect and even enhance Medicare and Social Security. I wish they would make up their minds. Medicare and Social Security are socialist programs instigated by the most leftist, socialist President this nation has ever had. But whenever a Republican uses the word 'socialist' it is always as a pejorative slur.  If Republicans are so against socialism, why are they going out of their way to praise and vow to protect the highly socialist programs Medicare and Social Security?