Taxes Not Guillotines to Redistribute Wealth

by Glen Wallace

Seeing recent calls for the return of the guillotine, I wanted to point out how precedent was set in Sweden of peaceful, nonviolent transfer of wealth from the very wealthy over to the state and the people.

I was motivated in part to make this video essay from a Twitter thread I was involved in that turned a little comical where I responded to another poster that was advocating for the return of the guillotine, lots and lots of them as a solution to the growing wealth inequality as pointed out by the originating post in the thread. My originating post now looks a little odd given that the post about guillotines by the other account I was responding to no longer exists -- I'm assuming that post was removed because the account that created it no longer seems to exist.  But here is a link to that Twitter thread:

And below is my video essay I posted on youtube where I argue that peaceful wealth redistribution can and should be the solution pursued to solve the plutocratic wealth gap. 

In the video I read a couple of brief passages from the booklet 'Swedish History in Brief' by Ingvar Andersson