A list of  the greatest US problems

          by Glen Wallace 

  1. Capitalization of medicine. Working under the assumption that what is good for profits and bottom line will also be good for the patient. This is a very unsafe assumption that ignores the scenario of unprofitable cures for some of the worst diseases such as cancer.  As a result an incentive is created for the capitalist to either ignore the unprofitable cure or worse, deliberately suppress knowledge of the unprofitable cure.  Additionally, an incentive also is created to price a drug or medical device at whatever the market will bear without regard to the financial effect on the patient that needs the medical device or medicine.  The medical manufacturer is incentivised to engage in de facto extortion racketeering with the patient. 
  2. Criminalization of mind altering substances: this only limits supply without affecting demand and as a result drives up the price of narcotics, thereby attracting and enriching drug gangs. Meanwhile drug addicts are faced with an often contaminated drug supply that can result in overdoses due to the unknown quality and strength of the narcotic.  Additionally, non violent drug users, if caught, can wind up with long prison sentences.  Drug abuse and addiction are medical problems that should be dealt with by medical professionals, not by law enforcement and the penal system.  Those with medical problems involving drug use belong under medical care, they don't deserve to be locked up in prison cages. 
  3. Military imperialism and intervention: we have been involved in numerous foreign wars in the last few decades that have been based on lies and disinformation that have resulted in massive suffering both by residents of the countries affected and by our own troops.  There seems to be elements within the deep state of the US that are bent on creating a state of constant war and proliferation of the military industrial complex without any regard to the truth in pretext or justice of cause for those military interventions.