By Glen Wallace

Is there a 'steering committee' that is tasked with the goal of directing the socialist minded folks towards voting for the Democratic Party nominee come general election time? I call them a steering committee because it is their responsibility to steer the revolutionary minded lefties towards voting for the corporate Democrats; that is no easy task and requires a fair amount of juggling to pull off. Think how the billionaires might be coming to the realization that the socialist revolutions of the past have to an extent been massive and successful and most of the west was barely able to narrowly avoid falling to those revolutions as well. And couple that with the reality that people's natures haven't fundamentally changed from the days of those revolutions of the past. That means the potential still exists around the globe for a recurrence on an even bigger scale than the soviet bloc revolutions could happen here in the west, including the US, and be even more successful and sustainable this time around. The billionaires may then be thinking there is an urgent need to squelch any budding movement that could lead to such a revolution. The minds of those potential revolutionaries needs to be captured before things 'get out of hand' and the billionaires lose control of things. That's why the minds of those potential revolutionaries needs to be 'steered' towards the corporate Democrats of which the billionaires already have control. Of course the billionaires aren't going to be able to achieve all this by outright telling the leftists what the billionaires are trying to do; no, a much more subtle approach is required whereby there are a given set of influencers whom I refer to as the 'Steering Committee' who start out by making all sorts of sensible arguments against capitalism and extolling the virtues of socialism; then they implore voters to vote for the most socialist of the Democratic candidates in the primary elections. Then, after the primaries are rigged against the socialist and the neoliberal corporate candidate invariably wins, the Steering Committee influencer proceeds to stack the deck with confirmations as to why the Republican Party candidate is so horrible and therefore absolutely imperative that the Democratic candidate be elected even if they aren't ideal from a progressive standpoint. As the elections get closer the influencer turns up the level of confirmation bias propaganda as to the Democrats being the 'good guys' and the Republicans are the 'bad guys' and the 'boogeyman' while completely ignoring all the ways the both parties are basically the same from the perspective of military imperialism and plutocracy standpoint. And if, say, the influencer has a radio program and a caller questions the propaganda narrative, the caller is basically censored and shut down without being given a chance to make an argument and referred to as irrational because of all the confirmation bias reasons that have been ceaselessly propagated on the radio program.