No Consensus on Mandates No Social Contract

November 22, 2021

While society depends on a good unwritten social contract to exist, in order for civil society to exist, that contract has been corrupted by malevolent oligarchs ignoring input from the masses in the formation of that social contract.

By Glen Wallace

The unwritten social contract has been corrupted by malicious players who have manipulated much of the general public into believing reasonable risks of a certain contagion are unreasonable under certain circumstances. As a result, anyone walking around unvaccinated is treated as though they are behaving in a reckless manner by a significant portion of population. A distortion of risk has been created in the minds of that portion of public who thinks that anyone unvaccinated is a reckless, thoughtless citizen that has no regard for the welfare of others. Prior to this deliberate distortion, the social contract tended to work fairly smoothly in organizing society in a manner that helps everyone to generally get along with one another. But now, unsafe assumptions about the mindset of the unvaccinated have become commonplace to the point where unnecessary divisions and animosity have been generated, disrupting the social order and organization of society.

There has been a leftist tradition of disregarding any consensus that have signed off on the unwritten social contract and instead force everyone to comply with what the elites in central government think is best for society without regard for what the individuals of society believe what is best form themselves. Perhaps one of the most progressive societies in history was the precolonial American Indians. But they, presumably, did not reach that level of progressive society because some central government mandated an ideology onto the American Indian society. Instead, the American Indians organically formed their progressive society through consensus. Yet leftists still seem to think they can force an ideology onto society without consensus. And that is the case with mask and vaccine mandates. No such consensus exists for those mandates, but leftists continue to push for them. Laws and their enforcement are for making sure a 'few bad apples' stay in line with the social contract that was arrived as by consensus. While there may or may not have been consensus that vaccine mandates for diseases other than Covid were acceptable, clearly no such consensus exists for the Covid vaccine mandates. There also is no consensus agreeable to the mask mandates.